Canola market snapshot – Lower supply

Lack of moisture hurt average Canadian canola yields in 2023. Statistics Canada, in its September estimate, put production at 17.4 million tonnes. Average for the previous five-years, which includes the 2021 drought year, is 18.6 million.

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Farmer Panel

What do you want?

Canola Digest asks challenging questions for this panel: What is your long-term vision for agriculture in general? What is your long-term vision for the farm? The six panelists emphasized the importance of family, technology and soil health.

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The Editor's Desk

Good Work

Ted Bilyea says the “worst case scenario” to manage emissions would be government restrictions that reduce agriculture productivity in Canada. Global demand for vegetable oil, for example, is not going down, so if Canada produces less “this would shift production to more damaging parts of the world,” says the chair of the Canadian Agri-food Policy...
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