Jonathon Sammons wins Ontario’s 2018 canola challenge

Jonathon Sammons, canola grower from Shelburne, Ontario, won the Ontario Canola Growers Association annual yield competition. The competition is based on yield from one pre-selected acre. His yield this year was 3,761 lb./ac. (or around 75 bu./ac.).

This is less than his mark of 5,199 lb./ac. (104 bu./ac.) that won him the competition in 2016. Canola Digest included Sammons and his 2016 result in an article called “Unlocking canola’s genetic potential for yield.”

Second place this year went to James Hammerton of Woodstock, who had a yield of 3,705 lb./ac. (74 bu./ac.). Interestingly, Hammerton achieved this yield growing a winter canola variety.

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