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Farmers are multi-faceted people

Social media has opened a window into the lives of farmers that has never existed before. On any given day you can check in with The Tulepps, and many others in the agricultural community, as they post about what they are doing and why they are doing it, with full transparency.

Sisters Stefanie and Cassandra Lepp are grain farmers from southwestern Manitoba. In 2018 they started an Instagram page, called the Tulepps, where they showcase day-to-day life on the farm with the goal of breaking down barriers and challenging the image of a farmer. The Tulepps are role models for the next generation of females growing up on the farm. They may not visually fit any of the farmer stereotypes, yet they are the equipment operators, ground crew for their family’s aerial application business, grain marketers and the primary decision makers on their farm. They are farmers, and they are also jewelry designers, craftspeople, fashion models, water sports enthusiasts, animal lovers and influencers. No one can be defined by just one title.

Featured recently on Great Tastes of Manitoba’s Beyond the Plate segment, Stefanie and Cassandra share how science and innovation play an important role in reducing food waste, and growing food more efficiently. They encourage consumers to seek out reputable sources of science-based information about food and farming practices.

Watch The Tulepps “Beyond the Plate” video.

Hybrid Annual General & Special Meeting

February 16, 2023, 8:00 a.m. – MARK IT DOWN!

The meeting will take place in person at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Winnipeg in conjunction with the CropConnect Conference. Pre-registration is not required to attend the in person meeting.

Members and guests wishing to join virtually are asked to pre-register. Confirmed members will receive log in details allowing them to engage and vote during the meeting. Guests will receive a link to watch the meeting by livestream. Registration details can be found at

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