From deciding what to grow, to crop protection, to harvest and storage, the choices you make along the way can make a big difference. Help maintain Canada’s reputation as a supplier of high quality canola by following the Keep it Clean! best practices throughout the year.

Your Keep it Clean! crop calendar

Plan your planting

  • Rotate blackleg resistance genes.
  • Do not plant de-registered varieties.

Spray smart

  • Only use acceptable pesticides and always Follow the label.
  • Apply pre-harvest glyphosate only when seed moisture is Less than 30%.
Protect Global Markets: 20 million acres of canola harvested annually; 90% exported; 50 global markets import Canadian canola

Get out and scout

  • Scout your fields for signs of blackleg before seeding (on old residue), at the 3-6 leaf stage and at swathing.

Practice safe storage

  • Never use malathion to treat canola seed for storage.
  • Make sure your storage bins are CLEAN and free of Cross contaminants.

Ready, set, delver!

  • Incorrect information on the Declaration of Eligibility puts market access at Risk for all.
  • Residues can be detected down to Parts per billion and even Parts per trillion.

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