Business Management

One small change can have long-term farm savings

Little things that seem like nothing can add up to a surprising amount of wasted money and time. The concept of “Lean” farming can help you recognize waste so you have more time for practices that add true value.

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Canola Eat Well

We want you to Eat More Meals Together

Canola Eat Well has a new version of its award-winning recipe booklet called Eat More Meals Together. The goal is to build a community that shares its kitchen inspirations and to encourage healthy eating using canola oil.

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SaskCanola’s research vision

Why is research critical to Canadian growers? Think of how far canola has come since 1991 when SaskCanola was formed and all the innovations that you have adopted on your farm. This includes major resistance genes to diseases that had the potential to wipe out canola production, herbicide tolerance traits, fertilizer recommendations, crop rotations, agronomic...
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