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Leaders Wanted To Represent Manitoba Canola Growers

Become involved with an organization that is on the cutting edge of the canola industry. Manitoba Canola Growers is seeking members to stand for election to the Board of Directors. Four positions are up for election, each holding a four-year term.

Successful applicants will have the unique opportunity to represent the canola farmers in Manitoba. Manitoba Canola Growers board members play a primary role in making decisions that will affect the future of canola and the agriculture industry in this province.

The board of directors meets four to six times a year and is guided in decision making by four committees that include board members and staff. A combination of virtual and in-person meetings are used to reduce travel requirements.

Time away from your farm is valuable. Manitoba Canola Growers recognizes this value through a compensatory per diem, mileage, and expense package for directors while they are away from the farm business representing members of the organization.

For complete details on how to become a director, director job description details or to download a nomination package visit our website at

Who is eligible to run for election?

Anyone who has contributed check off to the Manitoba Canola Growers Association since August 1, 2019, is 18 years of age or older and is a resident of Manitoba.

What is the deadline for nominations?

Nomination forms must be submitted to the Manitoba Canola Growers office on or before November 30, 2021 at 4:00 pm.

Jack Froese on being a board member

If you are enthusiastic about contributing to the betterment of agriculture, then you would make an ideal candidate for the MCGA board.

Since joining the board, I have experienced the scope of agriculture through a lens I would not have thought possible when I first started as a director. My experience on the board has led me to many new lifelong friendships, cutting-edge information for leading experts, and a return equivalent or greater than my personal contributions. As I enter my final two years on the board, I reflect on the significant difference farm organizations contribute to the agriculture industry. If you want to make a difference and help farmers succeed I would highly recommend putting your name forward for election!

$1,000 scholarships for five deserving students

Each year, the Manitoba Canola Growers are pleased to award five $1,000 scholarships to students who are graduating from grade 12, are from a farm that is a member of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association and plan to attend post-secondary education in any field within two years of graduating.

Students submit their applications, which are judged by an independent panel, based on academic standing, personal canola connection, references, essay submission, and school and community involvement.

Manitoba Canola Growers are proud to announce our 2021 winners. Congratulations! We wish you the best of luck as you pursue your chosen careers.

To learn more about this scholarship visit our website at


Charlotte Little

Hamiota, MB
She is enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba.


Jessica Young

Miniota, MB
She is enrolled in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina.


Kyla Krahn

Mather, MB
She is enrolled to continue her education at the University of Manitoba.


Megan Beswitherick

Austin, MB
She is enrolled in Business Administration at Assiniboine Community College.


Samuel Krahn

Rivers, MB
He is enrolled in the Faculty of Science at Brandon University.