Canola School: Should you chase moisture when seeding?

Canola growers are asking whether they should chase moisture this spring across dry regions of Western Canada.That's a question Canola Council of Canada agronomist Autumn Barnes tackles on this episode of RealAgriculture's Canola School. "If growers hav…

Canola School: Using a stand establishment tool to find an ideal seeding rate

Autumn Barnes of the Canola Council of Canada talks about the addition of some new features in the Council's online stand establishment tool.

Canola School - Pre-Seeding Checklist

Shawn Senko of the Canola Council of Canada joins RealAg's Jessika Guse for this episode of the Canola School.

Canola School - Canola Discovery Forum 18 Ian Epp Herbicide Resistance HD 720p

Canola School: What is verticillium wilt or stripe and how do you identify it? W/ Justine Cornelsen

Dale Leftwich talks to Justine Cornelsen of the Canola Council of Canada at this year's Canola Discovery Forum in Banff, Alberta.

Canola School - Combining Decisions

Shawn Senko joins us for this episode of the Canola School.

Canola School - PAMI Straight-Cutting Guide

Joel Macdonald of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute joins Dale Leftwich for this episode of the Canola School.

Canola School - How do you introduce yourself?

Jennifer Dyck, Canola Eat Well program manager with the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, shares advice on starting conversations with people interested in farming and food.

Canola School: Comparing Canada versus the rest of the world

Joerg Zimmermann of Global Ag Advisors and the Agri Benchmark Network describes how Canadian canola production (costs, yields, prices) fit into the global picture.

Canola School: Blackleg, what’s new with an old foe

Dale Leftwich talks with Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialist Warren Ward at the Sure Growth Field Day.