Canola School: New tool helps optimize combine settings

Angela Brackenreed of the Canola Council of Canada and Joel McDonald of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) explain a new convenient tool for making combine adjustments during harvest. For more info check out https://www.canolacalculator.c…

Canola School - Bertha Armyworm

Scott Meers of Alberta Agriculture & Forestry provides us with an update on the spread of Bertha Armyworm.

Canola School - Prairie Pest Update - Scott Meers

Scott Meers joins us for this episode of the Canola School. Filmed at the Kevin Serfas Crop Walk near Turin, AB.

Canola School - Benificial Insects

Canola Council Agronomist Gregory Sekulic joins Dale Leftwich for this episode of the Canola School.

Canola School - Blackleg Management

Justine Cornelsen of the Canola Council of Canada joins the Canola School to discuss blackleg management. Filmed at Canolapalooza 2018 in Lacombe, Alberta.

Canola School - Sclerotinia Resistance

RealAg's Dale Leftwich talks to Lone Buchwaldt of AAFC Saskatoon about where we are at with sclerotinia research.

Canola School - Plant Stand

Canola Council of Canada Agronomist Ian Epp joins us to talk seeding rate and plant stands in this episode of the Canola School.

Canola School: Can your fans handle a 25,000 bushel bin full of canola?

Kelvin Heppner talks to Lorne Greiger of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery institute about the effects of larger bin sizes on the storage and handling of canola.

Canola School - Dry Soils Raise the Risk of Fertilizer Toxicity

Don Flaten, soil scientist with the University of Manitoba, discusses the risk factors that contribute to fertilizer toxicity problems at seeding.

Canola School: Fumigation in the fight against clubroot

Sheau-Fang Hwang of Alberta Agriculture & Forestry shares her research findings looking at methods and feasibility for fumigating soil where clubroot is a problem.