The Editor's Desk


We must respond posthaste. Must we? The word posthaste, a synonym for urgently, has its origins in communications. It literally means to send a letter quickly. It stems from a time when letters were delivered by foot or horse, and truly urgent messages were labeled “posthaste”. Now all of our posts are haste. Email, Facebook...
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Alberta Bulletin

Evaluating energy efficiency of on-farm grain conditioning systems Team Alberta (a working collaboration between Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission), is working with 3D Energy Limited and the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute to assess the energy consumption of grain drying in Alberta, funded in part by the Canadian Agricultural...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

Be in the know! For the latest canola news and information, subscribe to SaskCanola‘s newsletter at Further Understanding of Soil Health Through Research Healthy soil is the foundation for profitable and sustainable agricultural production. The numerous benefits healthy soil provides includes enhanced fertility, increased productivity, adaptability, resiliency, and profitability. Soil processes that support plant...
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Manitoba Bulletin

  Agriculture doesn’t stop, even for a global pandemic. And neither do the Manitoba Canola Growers in supporting farmers with industry issues. How to run a farm business through COVID-19 was among many issues MCGA has been active on this year, and we are excited to share a new page on the site that...
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Story About A Bridge

The Port of Vancouver is the major gateway for canola exports to Asia. For three major grain terminals on Vancouver Harbour’s north shore, including the brand new one from G3, all of their grain passes over the single-track Second Narrows Bridge. That bridge is a symbol for a complicated rail infrastructure pinch point and the master plan to fix it.

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