Your provincial research leads

I started this May as the new research coordinator at Alberta Canola, freshly graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I hit the ground running, learning about and managing our research programs. I have big shoes to fill as I cover for our research director, Brittany, during her parental leave, but the challenge has...
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Alberta Bulletin

This past year, Alberta Canola committed close to $900,000 towards 10 research projects. For each grower dollar contributed by Alberta Canola, we were able to attract an additional $7 in investment from our collaborative research partners and programs, for a total of over $7 million in research funding. Projects investigating diseases of canola took precedence...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

The 2023 growing season marked the first year of SaskCanola’s new on-farm, field scale research trials program. While there is merit to small plot trials, it is recognized that growers and agronomists have farm-specific questions that need to be answered and may work best when implemented over a large area. This program was designed to...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Flea beetle management strategies Verticillium stripe management [NEW] Optimizing fertility management in canola Improving yield stability in environmental extremes Managing acres to improve soil health The overall goal is to increase canola yield potential and stability in Manitoba conditions through genetic and agronomic solutions. Research priorities to help achieve this goal are: Protect canola yields...
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Plant Establishment

Faster ground cover can improve yields

Canola crops that achieve vegetative ground cover more quickly tend to have higher yields. Seeding rate and row width contribute to faster ground cover. “How does in-row seed spacing and spatial pattern affect canola yield?” Steven Shirtliffe, University of Saskatchewan SaskCanola Read the full report in the Research section at When it comes to...
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