March 2019 Issue - Canola Digest
The Editor's Desk

Be curious

When Corteva announced its new name last year, it also unveiled a catchy set of simply-worded core values. One of them is ‘Be curious’ with the tag line: We innovate relentlessly. We accelerate our pace of innovation to create solutions that will deliver abundant high-quality food, now and for the future. They had me at...
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Alberta Bulletin

Alberta Canola’s 29th Annual General Meeting was held January 29 at the FarmTech Conference in Edmonton. Following the meeting, John Guelly of Westlock was elected as chair, and Kevin Serfas of Turin was elected vice-chair. Roger Chevraux of Killam was elected from the floor of the Annual General Meeting, and Wayne Schneider of Nisku was...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

Following SaskCanola’s Annual General Meeting on January 14, SaskCanola’s board of directors elected new leadership and are pleased to announce Lane Stockbrugger as the chair and Charlene Bradley as the vice-chair. In addition, leadership positions on SaskCanola’s board committees for the 2019 year were elected as follows: Bernie McClean as research chair, Katelyn Duncan as...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Adequate plant nutrition is required for optimal crop production. It’s thanks to research scientists like Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Grant – former senior research scientist in Soil Fertility Management with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada of the Brandon Research and Development Centre – that soil fertility and crop nutrition best practices have evolved, making crop production more...
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