January 2021 Issue - Canola Digest
The Editor's Desk

Simple Life

My great uncle Clint Whetter farmed a mile up the back road from our farm in southwest Manitoba. He was the youngest of four sons, a U of M Aggie and World War II veteran. He was on a bomber crew that flew 58 operations over Germany. Having to protect his stuff from three older...
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Alberta Bulletin

The 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held online. This marks the first time that canola growers in Alberta will be able to participate in and vote at the Annual General Meeting without needing to be physically present. We are grateful to Alberta’s Marketing Council that oversees the operations of commissions in Alberta for allowing...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

The canola industry currently contributes over $26 billion annually to Canada’s economy, and faces evolving threats to yield and concerns from major export markets due to blackleg and verticillium stripe. Blackleg remains a serious disease of canola and can cause significant yield losses, especially in susceptible varieties. In Western Canada,yield losses as high as 50...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Canada has long held a reputation for producing excellent quality crops using sustainable practices, and an initiative is now underway to document these practices and build upon them so that future generations have healthy soils, air and water. This will provide proactive guidance for how Canadian farmers can continue to protect and build on our...
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Precision planting in no-till systems

While planters can, in theory, provide a picket-fence of perfectly spaced, uniformly-emerging canola plants, the path to get there is full of challenges for farms in Western Canada who want one seeding tool that works in a no-till system.

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