The Editor's Desk

Saving forests

“Innovation is the reason one quarter of all forests exist.” Jack Bobo made this statement during a presentation at the Grow Canada conference at the end of November. “There are 3.6 billion hectares of forest left on the planet,” he says. “If we farmed today the way we did in the 1960s, we would need...
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Alberta Bulletin

“The board is grateful for their contributions and diverse perspectives.” —Roger Chevraux Alberta Canola is pleased to welcome four new directors to the board, Christi Friesen from Brownvale, Paula Law from Lacombe, Jeannette Andrashewski from Two Hills and Cheryl Westman from Vermilion. Friesen will represent Region 1, Law Region 7, Andrashewski Region 4 and Westman...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

Take a moment to think about the foods that are traditional to Canadians. What comes to mind? Is it poutine? Nanaimo bars? Ketchup chips? As it turns out, there is an entire category of traditional foods all around us that many Canadians have yet to discover. Indeed, many of our seasonal favourites – like beans,...
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Manitoba Bulletin

MCGA presented its 2023 Canola Award of Excellence to Michael Eskin, distinguished professor and occasional food science rapper Michael Eskin, distinguished professor in the Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba (U of M), was awarded the 2023 Canola Award of Excellence in February for his crucial role in the...
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Market Diversification

The Canola Council of Canada co-hosted Canola Week December 6-9 in Saskatoon. The Canola Industry Meeting on day one featured a few presentations on canola market development, including the big goal for Protein Industries Canada, canola meal potential as fish food and massive growth in renewable fuels.

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