The Editor's Desk

Square pegs

I am in my chair looking at the table in our living room when what did I notice? Square pegs in round holes! We all know that a ‘square peg in a round hole’ is a person who doesn’t fit into a role or social expectation. A misfit. Yet, here is a table with square...
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Farmer Panel

What do you grow and why?

Our six panelists list the crops they grow and explain the decision to grow these crops and not other ones. We also asked about any recent changes to their crop list and the motivation behind that change.

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What should you do about phosphorus rates?

Levels of plant-available phosphorus are drifting lower in many fields of Western Canada, and this “hidden hunger” will be hurting yields. Phosphorus rates that at least match crop removal are necessary to maintain soil productivity.

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Business Management

Teams are better at seeing ahead

Three brains are better than one. Use a team approach to set business goals and outline the plan to achieve them. Business futurist Bob Treadway explains that effective teams have more collective experiences, generate more ideas, ask better questions and challenge each other. Teams are smarter than individuals.

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