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Canada has just under 90 million acres of cropland, according to the census*, and the Prairies account for most of them. That sounds like a lot, but we are small potatoes. The global cropland area is 3.8 billion acres, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). About 1.5 billion acres...
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Alberta Bulletin

Alberta Canola is hosting four Grower Engagement Meetings across Alberta during November & December 2021. These events are scheduled to be in-person events at the following locations: The four Grower Engagement Meetings will look different than the 12 regional meetings traditionally hosted by Alberta Canola. These meetings will provide growers with an improved opportunity to...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

SaskCanola strategically invests in various areas of canola research, including canola utilization – which benefits both crop and livestock producers. “Research funded by Saskatchewan canola growers has demonstrated the benefit of canola meal in the diets of dairy cattle,” says Dale Leftwich, Policy Manager with SaskCanola. “This has elevated canola meal from a by-product to...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Manitoba Canola Growers is dedicated to working with a variety of partners to amplify the voice of farmers through a strong community that works together to promote agriculture, farmers, and Canadian ingredients. Back in action, the Farm to School Fundraiser will deliver Manitoba vegetables into homes through the profitable fundraiser offered to schools and licensed...
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Farmer Panel

Marketing strategy changes for 2022

Canola Digest asks its six farmer panelists how higher crop prices over the past year and how uncertain weather and productivity in 2021 might change their marketing strategies for 2022?

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