January 2019 Issue - Canola Digest
The Editor's Desk

Wilderness tips

In his book 1491, Charles C. Mann wrote about the Americas before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The book includes insights too numerous to mention in this small space, but I’ll focus on one insight most relevant to Canadian agriculture and the goal of many farmers: Indigenous people knew how to greatly enhance...
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Alberta Bulletin

Alberta Canola’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place during the FarmTech Conference. There is no charge to attend the AGM, and registration to FarmTech is not required to attend the AGM. AGM agenda includes: A review of the activities, audited financial statements and budget for Alberta Canola. Voting on resolutions. Resolutions to be presented at...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

On November 22, SaskCanola hosted a performance strategies workshop for 13 Learn to Lead alumni. Later that evening, the alumni and the in-coming 2019 delegation became acquainted with each other during a networking reception. Then on November 23 and 24, SaskCanola hosted its third annual leadership workshop that saw 21 Saskatchewan farmers partake in a...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Maximizing your check-off dollars for membership learning opportunities Being cautious and fiscally responsible in stretching check-off funds for maximum effect is a priority for the Manitoba Canola Growers (MCGA). The goal is to leverage each dollar two to three times, at a minimum. “Collaboration and partnerships are a key strategy for MCGA,” says Roberta Galbraith,...
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See weeds, spray them

Optical spot spraying is finally making in-roads in North America. Sprayers can detect the presence of weeds and turn on and off each nozzle as needed. It can mean huge savings in overall application rates.

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