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Tastes change

knife and fork with canola blossom
Pork supply in Japan was 2.17 kg per person per year in 1961. (I know pork isn’t canola, but stay with me.) Pork supply in Japan rose steadily over the next 50 years to 20.51 in 2011. The rapid adoption of pork into the diet was even more dramatic in China, going from 2.36 to...
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Alberta Bulletin

Alberta Canola Welcomes New Public Engagement Coordinator – Tanya Pidsadowski As both a Registered Dietitian and a farmer herself, Tanya Pidsadowski’s experience and education make her the ideal person to lead Alberta Canola’s efforts in public engagement. This new role will see Tanya engage a diversity of audiences, educating and interacting about canola facts, the...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

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Meet your customers

These four moms from China, Mexico, South Korea and India are dedicated canola oil users. Find out why and how they use canola oil.

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