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Seed Right

A drill is for seeding. So, do one-pass air drills that apply both seed and all fertilizer do a disservice to canola stand establishment? That question came up during a Canola Council of Canada (CCC) agronomy team discussion on yield-limiting factors and what we can do about them. Summer heat, flea beetles and low plant...
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Alberta Bulletin

Alberta Canola is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Alberta Canola board of directors, Jeff Frost from Olds, who takes over the role previously held by Ian Chitwood, representing region 8. Following the 34th annual general meeting on January 24 in Grande Prairie, the board has re-elected Roger Chevraux of Killam as the...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

Click here to view Trial Data. The 2023 growing season marked the first year of SaskCanola’s Top Notch Farming Trials – a new on-farm, field scale research program. The focus for this year was testing a foliar nitrogen-fixing biological product, Envita. The program had eight producer cooperators from around the province. Locations included Carrot River,...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Celebrating excellence: Farm family recognized with 2024 Canola Award of Excellence There is something magical about the connections formed at summer camp. Combined with the magic of a prairie harvest, the idea behind Harvest Camp grew. What began as a modest initiative quickly became an annual event that bridged the gap between urban Canadians and...
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Stronger canola plastics, enhanced canola fibre and more

The Canola Council of Canada co-hosted Canola Week December 5-7 in Calgary. The program included state-of-the-industry updates, agronomy research and innovations in breeding, production and processing. Here are a few topics that made the Canola Digest editor sit up and take notice.

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