The Editor's Desk

Listen to me

Humans are talkers. I went into journalism because I wanted to talk to people, ask questions, hear their stories and share them. I talk to people for my articles in Canola Digest, a magazine that remains, thankfully, popular among canola growers. I also talk to people for the Canola Watch podcasts. As a teenager, I...
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Alberta Bulletin

Creating a more streamlined process, especially when it comes to regulatory procedure, is a priority for the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. As the Government of Alberta continues to reduce regulatory red tape, there’s an opportunity for Alberta Canola to help with this. Marketing Council, the oversight body for the 20 agricultural boards and commissions in...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

Saskatchewan farmers grow field crops – including canola – in one of the harshest climates for farming in the world. Our growing season is short, our winters are (very) cold, our summers are hot, and there is often too much or too little rain. After decades of farming in these conditions, Saskatchewan growers have become...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Social media has opened a window into the lives of farmers that has never existed before. On any given day you can check in with The Tulepps, and many others in the agricultural community, as they post about what they are doing and why they are doing it, with full transparency. Sisters Stefanie and Cassandra...
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Farmer Panel

What do you do with data?

Data, data everywhere but not a way to use it. That may be how farms feel when they consider combine yield maps, thumb drives, computer spreadsheets, notebooks (paper and phone) and wonder how to make better use of it all. Canola Digest asked its six panelists, how do you put your data to work? Melissa...
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