Canola Eat Well used “Pizza Month” activities to encourage Canadians to make their own pizza dough using canola oil.

Alberta canola farmer Jeannette Andrashewski, front left, shared her canola story about the environment, sustainability and why she uses GMO canola seed on her farm to an enthusiastic group of young moms wanting to learn more about the farm-to-food story.

Make dough with canola oil

whether in a greenhouse, a master pizza baking class or through an online pizza dough video, Canola Eat Well is connecting consumers to food and to canola farmers.

The Canola Eat Well brand is a joint partnership with Alberta Canola, SaskCanola and Manitoba Canola Growers and works together with CanolaInfo on Canadian programming and activities. When we learn together, we grow together.

October was Pizza Month, and through Canola Eat Well, we took the opportunity to engage with our community, share how to make great dough, understand why you use canola oil in pizza making and how our canola farmers grow canola in Canada.

“I feel it’s important to provide the story to people who may not have solid information about farming,” says Jeannette Andrashewski, an Alberta canola farmer.

Andrashewski is one of the Canola Eat Well farmers who actively engages with the consumer audience at culinary workshops. She shares her story about the environment, sustainability, production practices and farming methods.

“I want to share about where our food is coming from, how it’s produced and who is producing it,” Andrashewski explains.

Canola Eat Well hosted three pizza workshops (two in Manitoba and one in Toronto), had #CanolaConnect Alumni bake pizza on TV to showcase the health and versatility of canola oil and encouraged Canadians to make pizza dough at home.

Canola Digest - January 2017