Through 2023 Canola Eat Well will show Canadians that choosing canola oil gives them a range of health benefits compared to other cooking oils, costs them pennies per serving and helps them support 207,000 Canadian jobs in the canola industry.

Canola use can benefit Canadians in times of economic strain

Food prices and inflation are top of mind for Canadian consumers, according to the 2022 Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s Public Trust Research. The survey asked respondents to score their level of concern for a whole range of life and food system issues. Cost of food was the top concern in 2022, with 69 per cent scoring it at least eight out of 10 – or “extremely concerned”. Inflation was next, with 66 per cent scoring it at least eight out of 10. Keep healthy food affordable and the Canadian economy, in general, were among the top five concerns. Canola Eat Well will continue to highlight canola oil attributes to Canadian audiences on the benefits of eating local and supporting Canadian-made products.

We want Canadians to understand the impact of their everyday choices at the grocery store. Their decisions could not only help lighten the load on their wallets, but support Canadian farmers, the Canadian economy and help to create a system of support through times of economic strain.

We know that canola is an essential part of the agriculture system and overall economy in Canada. By recognizing this and educating consumers on how using canola products in their home can benefit them and other Canadians, we can help bolster sales and consumption for Canadian goods.

While Canadians will be looking to reduce spending during times of economic downturn, it will also be important to consider spending more consciously. Agriculture and the agri-food system is a vital part of the Canadian economy, providing one in nine jobs and generating $134.9 billion of Canada’s GDP in 2021, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s sector overview. Knowing that groceries and feeding our families will still be a necessity throughout any recession, making active choices to choose locally grown and Canadian products could make a tangible impact in supporting our economy, while also supporting Canadian farmers and their families.

Consumers switching to canola oil will support Canadian farmers and the economy, while saving money and retaining access to healthy and affordable foods. Canola is the number one source of revenue for farmers in Canada, making up nearly one quarter of crop sales in Canada. The canola industry supports 207,000 Canadian jobs.


Download the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s 2022 Public Trust research report at

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Canola Eat Well will show Canadians that canola oil, which is low in saturated fat with the highest source of plant-based omega-3 fats among all cooking oils, is one of the easiest switches to make. Not only does it offer Canadian households a range of health benefits compared to other cooking oils, it’s also pennies per serving. This versatile oil can be used for frying, baking, sautéing, deep-frying, salad dressings and more, and can be re-used, allowing it to stretch much further than other oils for even more cost savings. For households looking to save on their grocery bills, making a simple change in items we use daily can make a big difference in the long run.

Canadians have so many ways to use canola products and Canola Eat Well is always looking for new recipes and ideas to inspire people to use canola oil. Canola Eat Well recognizes now is an important time to help educate consumers on the value of supporting Canadian canola. If more Canadians are able to understand the financial and economic benefits of using canola products now, when food prices are top of mind, additional awareness can also be built around the health benefits and broader positive impacts to the agriculture industry to bring longer lasting adoption and usage.

With the collaboration of Alberta Canola, Manitoba Canola Growers and SaskCanola, Canola Eat Well works to provide resources to Canadians to build a stronger understanding and awareness of the benefits of using canola products. They help share stories about our farmers and bridge the gap of understanding from farm to table. To learn more about the benefits of canola products, the industry, or to get inspired with the many recipes and ways you can utilize canola at home, visit