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Alberta Canola Board of Directors

Alberta Canola is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Alberta Canola board of directors, Jeff Frost from Olds, who takes over the role previously held by Ian Chitwood, representing region 8.

Following the 34th annual general meeting on January 24 in Grande Prairie, the board has re-elected Roger Chevraux of Killam as the chair and Charles Simoneau of Guy was elected as the vice chair.

Expressing gratitude for his dedicated service over the past six years, Chevraux acknowledges outgoing director Ian Chitwood for his hard work. “Chitwood’s representation of Alberta’s canola growers and advocacy for the unique needs of his region played a crucial role in the board’s ability to exercise sound judgment and make informed decisions.”

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For more information on the board of directors, the guiding committees and details about Alberta Canola’s regions, please visit

Visit the redesigned

Alberta Canola is excited to announce the official launch of our redesigned website, aimed at providing a more user-friendly and informative experience for our stakeholders.

The new website features a modern design, improved navigation and enhanced functionality to better serve the needs of farmers, industry professionals and the public. Our goal is to create a seamless online environment that reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability and supporting the success of Alberta’s canola industry.

Visit the new Alberta Canola website today at to explore the revamped platform and discover the wealth of resources available.

Celebrating farm leadership in the Peace

At the second annual Alberta Canola Conference, held this January in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canola recognized the years of leadership provided by the past directors representing the three Alberta Canola Regions in the Peace River Region. Their commitment and dedication has always ensured that the needs of this unique region of Alberta were well represented at the Board of Director meetings.

Alberta Canola also honoured Mr. Walter Paszkowski for his lifetime of leadership in the canola industry, the peace region, and the province of Alberta.

Alberta Canola also introduced the Walter Paszkowski Farm Leadership Award that will provide one canola grower in Alberta a $5000 bursary to assist with the cost of participating in the Farm Management Canada’s National Farm Leadership Program powered by Leadershift. Details on the program will be announced in the fall with the first award winner expected to attend the program in 2025.

Tax credit for the 2023 tax year available to canola farmers in Alberta

Canola growers in Alberta, who do not request a refund of their check-off from the Alberta Canola Producers Commission, are eligible for a tax credit during the 2023 tax year. The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit enables canola growers to claim a credit for the portion of their check-off utilized to support qualifying research.

Alan Hampton, a farmer from Rowley, Alberta and chair of Alberta Canola’s research committee, highlights the additional benefit for growers who contribute a check-off on canola. “This contribution funds research aimed at enhancing canola cultivation, addressing agronomic challenges such as blackleg and clubroot disease management, and studying insect pests’ susceptibility and resistance to insecticides,” Hampton says.

“The SR&ED tax credit allows farmers to recoup a portion of their investment come tax time.”

For the 2023 tax year, the tax credit rate for canola growers in Alberta is set at 12.49 per cent. For example, an individual grower who paid $1,000.00 in check-off to Alberta Canola in 2023 would be eligible for a tax credit of $124.90.


  • offset federal taxes owing in the current year,
  • be received as a tax refund,
  • be carried forward up to 10 years to offset federal taxes owing, or
  • be carried back three years to reduce federal taxes paid in those years.

Individual growers must file a T2038 (IND). Farm corporations must file form T2SCH31.

Historical SR&ED percentages for Alberta Canola, along with additional information from the Canada Revenue Agency, can be accessed at:

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