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SaskCanola’s 2023 on-farm research trial results

Foliar N-fixing biological trial for canola

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The 2023 growing season marked the first year of SaskCanola’s Top Notch Farming Trials – a new on-farm, field scale research program.

The focus for this year was testing a foliar nitrogen-fixing biological product, Envita. The program had eight producer cooperators from around the province. Locations included Carrot River, Davidson, two sites at Indian Head (one at IHARF), Luseland, Maidstone, Shaunavon, Vibank and Wynyard. The eight participants were given the choice between two different protocol options. Option A consisted of two treatments – no foliar nitrogen-fixing biological compared to Envita at the recommended rate and timing – replicated four times. Option B had four treatments – a normal nitrogen (N) rate with and without Envita and a reduced N rate with and without Envita – replicated three times. The normal N rate was determined by the cooperator and their agronomist as per their usual practice and yield goal. The reduced N rate for option B was 90 per cent of the normal N rate. Each field was managed in the same way, except for the treatments.

Cooperators and their trial site managers worked with the project coordinator to ensure that tweaks being made to each trial would still ensure usable data. Data was collected prior to seeding and throughout the growing season, as were samples from each replication at harvest for protein and oil content testing.

Despite having trials throughout most of the province, there were no significant differences in yield from the Envita application regardless of the N rate used. The Davidson site saw differences in protein and oil content because of the N rate, but not from the Envita application. The Wynyard site showed variations in yield and protein due to N rates, not the Envita application.

For detailed summaries, including the data collected and stats for each of the trial sites, go to and click “On-farm & field scale research” under the Research tab.

Research tax credits available to SK canola farmers

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program is the largest government initiative designed to encourage and support research and development in Canada. To qualify, research must align with one of the following core objectives: advancing scientific knowledge or achieving technological progress, or engaging in systematic investigation or exploration in a scientific or technological domain through experimentation or analysis. Work categories encompass basic research, applied research and experimental development. Notably, SaskCanola strategically invests farmer levy dollars into research and development. As a result, farmers who retain their levy with SaskCanola gain the advantage of claiming the SR&ED tax credit on their income tax. For the 2023 crop/tax year, 29.0 per cent of producers’ levy is eligible for the federal SR&ED tax credit.

In addition, farm corporations may also claim 20.1 per cent of their levy contributions as a qualifying expenditure towards the Saskatchewan Research and Development Tax Credit program for the 2023 crop/tax year. Visit for more information.

SaskCanola and SaskFlax merger approved at AGMs

SaskCanola and SaskFlax are pleased to announce the successful approval of their amalgamation.

The decision comes after resolutions were passed at both organizations’ annual general meetings (AGMs) in January 2023, calling for the two organizations to explore options for potential amalgamation over the past year.

On January 9, 2024, SaskCanola and SaskFlax jointly held their AGMs to share the outcomes of feedback gathered through an online consultation survey from Saskatchewan’s canola and flax growers. The responses were overwhelmingly supportive of amalgamation.

SaskFlax director John Burns votes on the amalgamation motion at the SaskCanola AGM.

Formal voting on the proposed amalgamation took place during these meetings and was met with widespread approval, marking a historic moment for the canola and flax industries
in Saskatchewan.

“The collaborative efforts are expected to streamline operations, enhance research initiatives and provide a more cohesive voice for oilseed growers in the province,” says Tracy Broughton, SaskCanola executive director. “Both commissions will now work with Agri-Food Council to amend regulations as the amalgamation will officially commence at the start of the next crop year on August 1, 2024.”

Both boards will continue to provide their respective leadership until the final audits are complete, at which point the single entity will emerge with one board and one staff.

A fall election will determine the individuals who will fill the available positions on the newly formed board of directors for the single commission. Interested individuals are encouraged to connect with current directors to explore this impactful opportunity further to help shape the future of the oilseed industry.

Remembering Dave Marsh

We were deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our friend and colleague Dave Marsh on April 24, 2023.

Dave was our long-time Controller, hired in 2010. He was a cheerful and friendly person to be around every day and we miss his presence dearly. Humble in nature, he would often say, “I’m just here to pay the bills and keep the lights on,” but he was so much more than that. He had a wonderful sense of humour and enjoyed a good visit over coffee and some form of chocolate. He was such a source of calm for our team, even in stressful times. He was the strong man in the storm and a quiet leader.

It has been a tough year for all of us as reality sets in that an integral part of our team is gone too soon. Dave had a profound impact on those that knew him, and we are forever grateful for his leadership and friendship.

On an annual basis, SaskCanola identifies an individual who has had a significant impact on the Saskatchewan canola industry and recognizes them for their leadership by bestowing them with the Canola Influencer Award. The recipients of these awards have made distinguished and exceptional contributions of knowledge, education, and ongoing efforts to promote canola. Dave Marsh was posthumously bestowed our Canola Influencer Award for 2023, including a donation made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation to acknowledge his impact. See more at