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Manitoba Bulletin

Manitoba Bulletin

Global Vision offers young Canadians trade mission opportunities

Thirty delegates from Global Vision’s Junior Team Canada traveled to China in August. Fiona Jochum is fourth from the left in the back row.

Fiona Jochum had never heard of Global Vision before she saw their request for applicants in a 4-H newsletter in May. She soon found out the non-profit organization, founded in 1991, has trained over 30,000 young Canadians through their Junior Team Canada (JTC) trade mission program, travelling to over 30 countries on six continents promoting Canadian industry and culture.

She applied and was accepted as an ambassador for Global Vision’s JTC trade mission to China from July 26 to August 15, 2017.

Of the 30 JTC ambassadors, Jochum was one of two Manitobans and the only agriculture representative.

Raised on the family farm near St. Francois Xavier, this self-described farm girl with a passion for music, graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture in 2014 and a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness in 2016. Working full-time on the family farm this year, she is “exploring the possibility of farming as a full-time career.”

Speaking to Jochum, her passion and enthusiasm is evident. While being the lone voice for Canadian agriculture on the mission made her nervous, she viewed it as an opportunity to learn and hone her agvocating skills.

Visiting Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong, her team met with industry, government, community and youth leaders focusing in particular on growth potential in the Chinese marketplace. Highlights for Jochum were meetings with Chinese rapeseed processors who are interested in importing Canadian canola, a restaurant owner in Shanghai, a food tour operator who works with farmers in Chengdu, and Richard Choi from the Saskatchewan Trade and Investment Office.

But for Jochum, the most valuable experience was meeting with the China Youth Ambassadors (CYA), the JTC counterpart in Chengdu. Similar in age, the two teams found it easy to be open with questions and learn from each other.

This incredible hands-on opportunity increased her knowledge of the complexities and challenges of global trade along with the opportunities.
As a producer, she understands why it is crucial to adhere to regulations both here and abroad so trade isn’t jeopardized. The importance and need for supporting grower organizations and farm lobby groups was reinforced, knowing they ensure farmers voices are heard and work is done on their behalf to better the industry and improve trade ties around the world.
No matter who she spoke with, the importance of relationship-building first, business second was key.

Being part of JTC has bolstered her confidence. She believes stepping beyond the farm gate and becoming involved in the industry as a whole is just as important as growing and producing.

“Stay connected to our customers! Promote the Canadian brand,” Jochum emphasizes. “Chinese consumers have the same questions and concerns about food production, quality and safety that we have in Canada.”

20 years of CLC

Canola Learning Centre (CLC) is a free farm tour and learning experience aimed at educating urban students and their educators about canola and other Manitoba crops in a real farm setting using fun, entertaining and hands-on activities.

Thanks to the partnership with Richardson’s Kelburn Farm, the CLC has celebrated 20 years of successful programming.

Over the past 20 years there have been:

  • 22,275 kids attend the farm.
  • 2.23 million canola seeds have been crushed.
  • That would make 7.5 litres of canola oil.
  • With each kid pulling a canola plant to explore it, they have uprooted
    1/2 an acre.

Crop Connect

CropConnect Conference
2018 speaker line-up

Mark your calendar, buy your tickets and join us for CropConnect Conference February 14 & 15, 2018 at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Conference Centre, Winnipeg.

Keynote & Banquet Speakers

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Manitoba Ag Days
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January 25 & 26, 2018 – Winnipeg

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