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Farmer representation
in four Alberta Canola regions

October 31st Deadline

Nominations for regionally elected farmer directors are now open in Alberta Canola’s regions 2, 5, 8 and 11. Ensuring farmer representation from all 12 regions of Alberta Canola is crucial for board discussions. When making decisions concerning government policy, regulation, research funding and other matters that directly influence the long-term success of canola farmers in Alberta, it is imperative to incorporate the viewpoints of canola growers from every region.

Incoming director terms will start following the annual general meeting in January 2024.

Who can become a director?
Anyone who has paid a service charge on canola to Alberta Canola since August 1, 2021 is an eligible producer and can stand as a director. Eligible producers can be individuals or represent a corporation, partnership or organization. To be nominated, eligible producers must grow canola within the defined region but do not have to reside within it.

Nominations for the position of director must be filed with the Alberta Canola office on or before October 31, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

For more details on Alberta Canola’s regions, the roles of directors or to obtain a nomination package, visit or contact Alberta Canola’s Executive Director Karla Bergstrom at 780-454-0844.

Don’t Miss Out!

Alberta Canola Grower Engagement Meetings 2023

Alberta Canola is hosting a series of Grower Engagement Meetings across
Alberta. We work for farmers, and we need to hear from farmers.
Grower Engagement Meetings allow canola growers from across Alberta to hear from, interact with and provide direct feedback throughout the day
to the Alberta Canola directors, staff and partners attending.

November 21 – High River
November 23 – Wainright
December 12 – Fairview
December 14 – Westlock
December 19 – Web Broadcast

Visit for details on each of the 2023
Grower Engagement Meetings and to register.

What’s Your Sustainability Score?

Farm Sustainability Readiness Tool

Consumers and international grain buyers are increasingly concerned about the origin and production methods of their food. Farmers need to be prepared with clear answers. While sustainability may be seen as a trendy term, Canadian farmers have been practicing its core aspects for decades. However, these stories have yet to be shared. This presents an opportunity not only to share your story but also to lead the world in defining sustainability.

Sustainability goes beyond environmental stewardship; it must also encompass financial viability and social responsibility. However, tracking all these aspects systematically can be challenging. While some standards
highlight beneficial practices, it can be difficult to determine which ones
to follow. That’s where sustainability readiness comes in – the customized
action plan provides clear directions to address these concerns.

Farm Sustainability Readiness Tool was developed by Alberta Canola, Alberta Grains, and Alberta Pulse Growers in conjunction with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. simplifies the multitude of practices under
various standards into one interactive questionnaire. The model calculates a sustainability score that can be tracked over time as you make changes to your on-farm practices. It also provides valuable tips and links to resources that deepen your understanding of these practices.

Using this tool is a first step in sharing your story. It’s a self-assessment
designed to help farmers identify areas of strength and areas that
need improvement. It is commonly used before engaging in thirdparty
assessment programs like the environmental farm plan.

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