Canola Research Hub

The best crop rotation

…will depend on the region and the farm goals. A five-year study evaluated region-specific crop rotations for nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency, precipitation use efficiency, yield and net revenues. In Kui Lui’s five-year ‘Optimizing systems productivity, resilience and sustainability in the major Canadian ecozones’ project, six region-specific crop rotations were evaluated for nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency,...
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Farmer Panel

A strong bench

Farmers are experts at a lot of jobs, but not all jobs. Canola Digest asks its six 2023-24 farmer panelists about experts they happily pay to round out the farm’s line up. And if the panelist could add one more expert to fill an empty spot on the bench, what would that person do?

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BeGrainSafe with a “zero entry” policy

Canola grower organizations contribute to the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s BeGrainSafe program, which promotes grain safety to farmers and trains first responders on life-saving extraction techniques.

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