Business Management

Teams are better at seeing ahead

Three brains are better than one. Use a team approach to set business goals and outline the plan to achieve them. Business futurist Bob Treadway explains that effective teams have more collective experiences, generate more ideas, ask better questions and challenge each other. Teams are smarter than individuals.

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Canola Eat Well

Wear your heart on a sleeve

Will Bergmann and Mairlyn Smith

The Canola Eat Well program, supported by canola farmer organizations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, encourages farmers to wear their heart on a shirt to build conversations, connections and community.

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The Editor's Desk

People first

I traveled to India with my dad in November. It was like Jack Whitehall’s “Travels with My Father” except with less sarcasm and humiliation. However, while my dad is not curmudgeonly like Jack’s dad, his palate is perhaps somewhat elder-Whitehallian: My dad would have been happy to spend two weeks in India just eating frozen...
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Alberta Bulletin

Alberta Canola’s 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place during the FarmTech Conference on January 28. There is no charge to attend the AGM, and registration to FarmTech is not required to attend the AGM. For details, visit AGM agenda includes: A review of the activities, audited financial statements and budget for Alberta Canola....
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

“The goal of SaskCanola’s scholarship program is to invest in the future talent  of the canola industry. ” Lisa Horn, SaskCanola Executive Director Each year, two scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in graduate programs with projects studying canola. This investment complements the research SaskCanola invests in for the benefit of canola production and farm...
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