Toronto food influencers Bake With Canola

The three Prairie-based canola grower organizations invest in personal, high-quality and hands-on canola oil promotion events in Ontario – with the goal to improve canola oil’s share of Canada’s biggest market.

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The Editor's Desk

On Caring

It dawned on me recently that I had a warped view of “connection to the land”. I thought most people would feel a strong family connection to their farm. But really, most land a farmer owns or rents these days does not have a strong connection to family history. And lots of farm families are...
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Farmer Panel

Building leaders

A speaker presenting to a conference room full of people

Grower-run boards promote commodities, invest in research, influence policy and provide information to improve farm management. Growers benefit from these boards, but these boards need directors and leaders. These five growers attended canola leadership conferences. What did they learn?

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Business Management

Position versus interest

In conflict, each side may have different and even opposite positions, but what is their interest? By asking ‘Why do you hold that position?’ or ‘What do you need?’, sides may find a resolution that benefits the long-term relationship.

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