September 2021 Issue - Canola Digest

Not All Pod Shatter Resistance is the Same

Even with a trait that limits the amount of pod shatter, canola hybrids left standing will experience some level of pod loss. This article provides scouting and agronomy tips to identify the point at which canola hybrids should be straight combined, so growers make the right decision – and limit harvest losses – for each specific hybrid.

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Agronomy Insights

A Better Flea Beetle Management Plan

Agronomy Insights - Tips and tools from the Canola Council of Canada agronomy team

Flea beetles are one of the most prominent pests for canola, and were particularly harmful this year with the warm and dry spring, which disadvantaged the crop and encouraged flea beetle development. This article looks back at 2021 and provides some management tips for 2022.

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Farmer Panel

Best Return on Investment

Canola Digest asks its farmer panelists for 2021-22 to describe the best return-on-investment purchase that they made recently, and to describe what motivated them to make the purchase.

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