Farmer Panel

Business Relationships

Your farm relies on good relationships. These four farmers describe the most important relationships for their farm business and explain the characteristics they look for when choosing who to work with.

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The Editor's Desk

Event Horizon

Nobody likes to get beat over the head with “you should do this” messages. A large percentage of people don’t like to get told what to do at all or by any means: Beat over the head. Rap on the knuckles. Kid gloves. But how about subtle persuasion? Here is a series of memorable events...
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Gold rush: Canola oil content rising

The value of canola is derived from the percentage of oil in the seed, the quality of that oil and the percentage of protein in a tonne of meal. Through the Canadian Grain Commission Harvest Sample Program, we know that oil content is going up, quality remains well within canola standards and meal protein content is steady.

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