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Royal family

Chuck Penner, in his canola outlook in this issue, forecasts Canadian canola acres at 23.75 million, another record for queen canola. Is this too many for long-term canola sustainability? Think back to 2014. The Canola Council of Canada launched its Keep It Coming strategy, with a target of 52 bu./ac. average yield and a production...
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Farmer Panel

Research assistance

Finding co-operators to help with trials is a necessary part of the Ultimate Canola Challenge and Canola Production Trials programs. These four farmers helped with the two programs in 2017, and explain why they did it, the work involved and what they learned from the experience.

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China gets to know canola

Canola Council of Canada market development efforts have started to move canola from, “What? Granola?” to a recognized premium product in China.

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