Business Management

Leverage third parties for exponential growth

Shawn Kanungo, in his presentation on “Leadership in a world of disruption” at the Canada Crops Convention in Montreal earlier this year, says a business can greatly expand its profit-generating capacity and reduce its time-strain by leveraging outside help.

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The Editor's Desk

Be curious

When Corteva announced its new name last year, it also unveiled a catchy set of simply-worded core values. One of them is ‘Be curious’ with the tag line: We innovate relentlessly. We accelerate our pace of innovation to create solutions that will deliver abundant high-quality food, now and for the future. They had me at...
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New tools bring new traits faster

Gene editing can make hybrid enhancements faster and more precise, and RNA interference provides a new pathway to refine pest management. Both can improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of canola, but commercial launch of any seed or spray needs to pass as-yet-untested regulations in Canada and in our customer countries.

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