MultispeQ spots canola with photosynthetic power

The tool provides a quick read on dozens of plant characteristics, making it handy for research. University of Alberta plant scientist Linda Gorim is using MultispeQ in a project to identify canola lines with the greatest photosynthetic capacity.

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Farmer Panel

Excited or nervous?

Canola Digest asks its six farmer panelists: What trends in agriculture and food get you excited and what trends make you a little nervous?

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Canola Eat Well

What does sustainability mean to others?

Farmers are not alone in the quest for sustainability. All businesses are looking for ways to keep going in the face of change. This article talks to PepsiCo’s Steven James, cookbook author Claire Tansey and Canadian Centre for Food Integrity CEO John Jamieson to see what sustainability
means to them, and how this relates to canola growers.

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