Business Management

A Contingency Plan For Health

How will the farm function if one of the major players has a serious injury, illness or dies? A good answer takes some planning. Create “What if” scenarios, plan how to work through these scenarios, and share these plans with every member of the farm team. We all know that agriculture can be dangerous, but...
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The Editor's Desk

All Hands

I have a guilty pleasure: House Hunters International. It’s a TV show about people moving from Saskatoon or Salt Lake City to Santiago or Seville. Viewers get to see what the new city looks like and follow the house hunters while a real estate agent shows them a few options. North Americans almost always complain...
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Alberta Bulletin

The call for nominations for farmers to serve on the Board of Directors of the Alberta Canola Producers Commission resulted in two canola farmers being acclaimed. The nomination deadline was Friday, October 29, 2021. Charles Simoneau from Guy will serve as a director in region 3, and Wayne Schneider from Leduc will serve a second...
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Saskatchewan Bulletin

SaskCanola has supported research to demonstrate the positive impact of modern agriculture on soil health and the environment. One such study is the Prairie Soil Carbon Balance Project (PSCBP), which analyzed thousands of soil samples over a 15-year period on farms across the province. The federal government has indicated their intention to increase the carbon...
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Manitoba Bulletin

The voice of farmers is an important influence in developing decisions and policies that will support progressive, profitable and forward-thinking canola production. As a farmer funded and directed association, Manitoba Canola Growers has a board of directors who are elected and empowered to make decisions that will benefit farmers and positively affect the future of...
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