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Be curious

When Corteva announced its new name last year, it also unveiled a catchy set of simply-worded core values. One of them is ‘Be curious’ with the tag line: We innovate relentlessly. We accelerate our pace of innovation to create solutions that will deliver abundant high-quality food, now and for the future. They had me at...
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New tools bring new traits faster

Gene editing can make hybrid enhancements faster and more precise, and RNA interference provides a new pathway to refine pest management. Both can improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of canola, but commercial launch of any seed or spray needs to pass as-yet-untested regulations in Canada and in our customer countries.

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Farmer Panel

One change for the better

As you head into the 2019 growing season, what one thing would you like to change in the business this year? Machinery? Logistics? Farm size? Crop rotation? Staff management? Canola Digest asked these four farmers for their thoughts.

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Business Management

Does it still make sense to incorporate a farm?

Changes to the income tax rules have made it harder to benefit from the small business tax rates within a corporation, but incorporation can still have significant benefits over a sole proprietorship or partnership for many Canadian farms.

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