Saskatchewan Bulletin

At SaskCanola, research continues to be a strategic priority, with about 40 per cent of SaskCanola’s annual budget allocated to this pillar. Since the establishment of SaskCanola in 1991, Saskatchewan canola producers have funded over 426 studies related to canola agronomy, trait development, alternative uses and more, with the goal to improve canola profitability. For...
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Manitoba Bulletin

Each year, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) recognizes the accomplishments of an individual or organization for their contributions to the sustained growth and prosperity of Manitoba’s canola industry, with the Canola Award of Excellence. Former MCGA director and farmer Brian Chorney has been presented the 2021 Canola Award of Excellence. Brian has been actively...
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Winter canola shines in Ontario in 2020

Spring canola works well across the northern Ontario cropping area, but surprisingly good results for winter canola in southernmost parts of the province in 2020 should have more farmers taking a look at the crop.

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Agronomy Insights

Our Agronomy Focus Areas For 2021

Each year, we look for new focus areas that ultimately support grower profitability and productivity while also promoting agronomically sound crop rotations, biodiversity and improvements to soil and water use. By balancing all of these objectives, Canadian canola can maintain its strong, established brand and use these achievements to keep and expand its market share....
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